Five questions to ask yourself about your brand

No matter what stage your business is at, be it a start-up, SME, charity or corporate, if you ignore branding, you're ignoring a key element of your business.

A name, design, symbol, term or any other feature that identifies and differentiates you in the market place is a must. And you don't need mega budgets to accomplish this.

Creating a brand identity provides a strong foundation for every person in contact with your organisation. Your clients, customers, prospects, associates, suppliers and employees have a perception so it's vital you get it right. It's amazing how many start-ups and even the big guns can overlook this process.

Creating an identity is an investment in the future and a small price to pay for long term viability. You need to work smarter not harder. You don't have to spend days at this you just need to ask yourself five questions:

  1. What are the core values I want to stand for?

  2. What perception do I want to convey

  3. Who are my competitors and how are they currently perceived?

  4. What marketing, sales techniques and branding do they use? Are they cost effective?

  5. How can I differentiate and gain more customers?

You'd be amazed, just by answering these simple questions, how you start to formulate and visualise your brand and what you want to stand for. Remember to keep it simple, it's important to get started so you can refine your message. It's amazing how this sets the tone and direction for the future.

It's all about perception and maintaining your core identity. It doesn't have to cost a fortune either, it's getting the simple day-to-day elements right.


Letterheads, Compliment Slips, Business Cards, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Press Releases.


Website, Blogs, Social Media Accounts, Email Signatures, Newsletters.


External & Internal Signage, Office Decor, Vehicles.


Keynote Presentations, Brochures, Product Literature, Order Forms.


Telephone Greetings, Answer Phone Messages, Clothing, Uniforms, Photography.

It's worth considering all these elements then plan accordingly the fundamentals and budget. Consistency is key – Fonts, colours, tone of voice, imagery, quality of materials.

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer for you branding get in touch for a free quote.


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